Course Outline

Your course is designed to help you create a realistic spending plan that won't cut out your guilty pleasures and little joys. 

Each module is designed to be completed in order and builds on each course, so be sure to complete each section and avoid skipping ahead. 

You will always have access to the following courses as long as you are in the mastermind:

­čĺ░ Money Mindset For Creating a Budget

­čĺ░ True Wealth Budgeting - Creating a budget and setting up systems to optimize your cash flow

­čĺ░Credit Basics

A new course will be featured each month and will only be available for a limited time. The upcoming courses will include:

­čĺ░ First Time Home Buyer Course

­čĺ░Adulting For Students

­čĺ░Investing Level 1

­čĺ░Investing Level 2

­čĺ░Creating and Achieving Financial Goals

­čĺ░Debt Mastery Level 1 & 2

­čĺ░Expense Mastery

­čĺ░Increasing income 

­čĺ░Credit Mastery

­čĺ░Business Owner Personal Finance

­čĺ░Love & Money - Budgeting As A Couple

­čĺ░Financial Psychology 

­čĺ░Societal and Cultural Impact on Money

­čĺ░Spending On Purpose

­čĺ░Taxes Made Simple

­čĺ░Financial Resiliency and Protection

­čĺ░Expert Interviews on Bitcoin 

And more!

The topic for the month may be voted on by so pay attention to the upcoming announcements for a poll!

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